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Beans on broad

We are a locally owned business located here in Grove City, PA.   Our owners, sisters Shelley and Wendy, were born and raised right here. We love coffee and think you should too.  But, if you don’t…we have sandwiches and pastries too! We are community-minded and source our milk, pastries and coffee locally.  (we kind of have a thing for local)


Community first

We believe that our community is the most important thing we are a part of.  That is why we are located in the heart of Olde Town Grove City.  We love the cluster of businesses on this street who are all working hard day in and day out.   We support our community by providing a great meeting place to foster important conversations, meetings, celebrations, the arts, and new relationships. We play an active role in the downtown events and activities by participating and hosting in whatever way we can. Check out what new events are coming up on our calendar.

We are rooted in history...

Our building tells the story of many generations. With exposed brick walls, original wood floors, original tin ceilings and ornate ceiling fans, our building has a history that we are privileged to be a part of. Once First National Bank, then Grove City Hardware, then Broad Street Books, until finally it became what it is today- a coffee shop. 


Cupping Coffee at the George J. Howe Company

Roasting coffee at the Howe Company